Trash Removal Miami

ECS is committed to Excellent Customer Service.

We pay attention to the details on each job, no matter small or large. Our staff always works in a clean and efficient manner.

Trash Removal Services

We are a PRIVATE company and we do charge a modest fee for our services. We do removal all types of trash, debris, garbage, and Junk. We will leave your area very clean. If you received a violation letter from your association, we can get in removed really quickly. Have you started a pile of trash outside and now everybody in the neighborhood is throwing their trash on your pile? Ultimately, you are going to have to pay to have it removed and the more stuff accumulates, the higher the dump fees. So you do need to get it done as soon as possible. ECS is here for you and we can make it happen quickly.
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"At ECS - We can help a little or we can help a lot."

No matter what your situation is we can definitely help you. We do everything legally, NO dumping in the Everglades and we are as environmentally friendly as possible. Please Give us a Call Right Now: 786-457-3981