Additional Services

  • Clean Out Services
  • Full Residential Cleanouts
  • Partial Residential Cleanouts
  • Garage, Shed and Storage Cleanouts
  • Attic Cleanouts
  • Foreclosure/Eviction Cleanouts
  • Building and Office Cleanouts
  • Estate Junk/Debris/Trash Removal
  • Residential Junk/Debris/Trash Removal
  • Foreclosure Junk Removal
  • Furniture and Appliance Removal
  • Yard Junk/Debris/Trash Cleanups
  • Donation Pickups
  • Remove old furniture
  • Remove trash from premises


Clearing out a home can leave you with alot of debris. You can hire us to either rent a dumpster or use the truck for your junk removal. Deciding whether to rent a dumpster or hauling your trash to the dump by truck should be based on a few things. Dumpsters can typically haul between 4,000 to 16,000 pounds. A box truck will typically have a 1,000 pound (half-ton) hauling capacity for the smallest size. We will do the work for you basing the decision on the amount of work between disposing of all debris at one time if you use a dumpster (possibly multiple dumpsters) or making trips to the landfill if you have more than 1,000 pounds of debris. We use box trucks whenever it is more economical for the consumer.

In some cases using a team to remove your junk with a truck can be less expensive than using a dumpster.

It is important to note that dumpsters cannot be dropped in all residential neighbourhoods. Also, if there is a space restiction, they cannot be dropped if they will impede traffic etc. We will, of course, provide you with that information. For obvious reasons, going to the dump will be the correct decision if you’re dealing with less than 1,000 pounds of debris. This will be more cost effective and we can get the job done within a one day time period for you. However, renting a dumpster may be a better choice for larger projects.

Price is an important factor in determining if you should use the truck option of going to the landfill. Landfills typically charge by weight, but unless you know the exact weight of your debris, you won’t know the final cost until you’re already at the dump. With us, you will be secure in knowing that the cost is already locked in.

The dumpster rental companies also charge by weight, others charge a flat rate up to a specified weight limit for each dumpster size. This means that you’ll know the total flat-rate cost of a dumpster rental up front, making it easier to budget for disposal. However, if the weight of the dumpster exceeds the flat rate limit, you will be billed for thr difference after they get to the landfill.

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